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Jimmy Tingle

Humorist, Comedian, Satirist


Uncommon Sense – Society’s Absurdities”

Wednesday, November 3, 2021


Jimmy Tingle is one of the top social and political humorists in America and has worked in various media from the early 1980s to the present day.


He grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the social, political and economic diversity laid the groundwork for his development as a performer and satirist. After graduating from Southeastern Massachusetts University in 1977, Tingle emerged on the comedy scene in Boston quickly rising through the ranks.


He then completed two seasons with 60 Minutes II on CBS as a humorist and worked as a contributor and satirist for MSNBC. He appeared on numerous national television talk shows. Film credits include Head of State, Next Stop Wonderland, Boondock Saints and By the Sea. He also wrote, produced and starred in the documentary film Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream.

His theatrical credits include writing and starring in four one-person shows directed by Larry Arrick.