The Capitol Steps

Nationally Acclaimed Political Satire Troupe

March 17, 2021


Over 30 years ago, the Capitol Steps began as a group of Senate staffers who set out to satirize the people and places that employed them. Not all of the current members of the Steps are former Capitol Hill staffers, however, collectively they have worked in 18 Congressional offices representing 62 years of House and Senate staff experience.


The Capitol Steps have recorded 33 albums, including their latest, Fiscal Shades of Gray and their special holiday release, Barackin’ Around the Christmas Tree. They have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, and can be heard four times a year on NPR stations nationwide during their Politics Takes a Holiday radio specials.


The Capitol Steps were born in 1981 when staffers for Senator Charles Percy were planning entertainment for a Christmas party. Ronald Reagan was President so cofounders Elaina  Newport, Bill Strauss and Jim Aidala figured that if entertainers could become politicians, then politicians could become entertainers!

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