Dr. James Delgado
Underwater Explorer,  Archaeologist, Journalist  and Historian

November 20, 2019


As a maritime archaeologist who works around the globe, Jim has spent decades in the fascinating world of underwater  exploration. A respected and passionate  leader, he helps keep maritime archaeology alive and accessible.


He has worked on some of the most famous shipwreck sites in history, from Titanic, the lost fleet of Kublai Khan, the USS Arizona, the fabled “ghost ship” Mary Celeste, and the atomic bombed fleet at Bikini Atoll. His expeditions have solved long-lasting undersea mysteries, brought closure to families, and connected the modern world with the past.


Jim speaks about his decades of work and meeting people who have shared their stories, from veterans of wars, Alcatraz inmates and correctional officers, and scientists who helped develop the first atomic bombs, to rock stars and many ordinary people rendered extraordinary by exceptional circumstances.

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